About Glass Voices

Glass Voices is a nonprofit social enterprise aims at empowering women to fulfill their full potential and amplifying their unique voices in the public discourse. The main objective is confronting gender inequality in all fields, and particularly the gender imbalance seen among keynote speakers and participants at professional conferences and public expert panels.

Main activities:

  • Creating a large network of women speakers, including training and support

  • Actively pursuing gender balance of keynote speakers in professional events

  • Initiating educational projects to empower women and girls in educational and academic institutions

  • Creating special training programmes for executives and employees on creating a safe, equal and supportive work environment for women

Glass Voices Board of Directors

Orit Kopel

Director & CEO

Founder of Glass Voices, AI ethics researcher, Co-Founder of WikiTribune, former CEO of the Jimmy Wales Foundation

Caroline Watson


Young Global Leader. Expert in transformative leadership through theatre. Working with refugees through the Scheherazade Initiatives

Jimmy Wales


Founder of Wikipedia, Founder of WikiTribune and a life-long supporter of women's rights

Glass Voices was founded by Orit Kopel, Co-Founder of WikiTribune and CEO of the Jimmy Wales Foundation for freedom of expression online. With extensive experience in public speaking, she wishes to increase the appearance of women as expert speakers in professional conferences, discussion panels and public events, particularly on topics which are too often overly dominated by men.

Kopel has an academic background in both Human Rights Law and Journalism. She has been engaging in public speaking for over a decade, delivering keynote speeches around the world about subjects varying from Journalism (future of the news, influence of social media on journalism, fake news, tech & Journalism), to human rights issues, such as freedom of expression online, freedom of the Internet, privacy and of course - women's rights.

During her speaking tours she observed that in many cases, women representation as keynote speakers or panel participants was scarce compared to men speakers. This gender imbalance impacts the way society as a whole perceives women in professional roles and settings, therefore must be confronted.

Brilliant women have professional expertise in tech, business, science, journalism, economics, security, law, education, politics and more. Many have inspiring stories and motivational insights to share. They should all be granted greater opportunities to have their voices heard. Glass Voices aims to promote this cause.

Glass Voices' Advisory Board

Vera Kobalia

Young Global Leader

Georgian politician who has served in the Cabinet of Georgia as the country's Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development

Dr. Neema Kaseje

Young Global Leader

Pediatric surgeon, Founder of Surgical Systems Research Group, aims to reduce barriers to accessing children's surgical care

Michele Wucker

Young Global Leader

Founded the strategic advisory firm Gray Rhino & Company to help decision makers better manage gray rhino risks

Kanika Dewan

Young Global Leader

Campaigner against corruption. The president of Bahrain-based natural resources conglomerate Bramco and founder of Ka Design Atelier

Caroline Watson

Young Global Leader

Glass Voices' Director. Expert in the use of participatory theatre for transformative learning. Working with refugees through the Scheherazade Initiatives

Glass Voices C.I.C is incorporated under the Companies Act 2006 as a non-profit Community Interest Company (#11920848) limited by guarantee in England and Wales.